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F-Spinner is Fireworks spinning system.
F-Spinner can be rotated to the clockwise direction as well as counter-clockwise direction. This rotation direction and its speed is controlled with DMX 512.
You can shoot 8 x max. 1 inch mines or smaller mines with DMX controller or your fireworks controller at your option.


Model : SFD-100

Voltage : 110-240VAC  36W

Available Mine : Max. 1 inch (max. 8 mines can be armed).

Control : DMX 512 control or Fireworks controller
                (The Spinner has 3 Channels. CH1-Clockwise rotation

                 CH2-Counter-Clockwise rotation, CH3-Shoot)

Weight : 7.5KG

Dimension : 41cm(L) x 31cm(W) x 41cm(H)

Accessories : 10m DMX cable

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