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4 Flame Heads System

4 flame heads system is composed of 4 single flame heads, one 30L fluid tank and its relevant accessories. 4 flame heads are fuel-fed through fluid hoses from one 30L fluid tank and each flame head is truss-mountable.
It can shoot up a flame up to 8-10m(26-33ft) with using our ColorfireflySFX fluid or Isopar G or H as a fuel and nitrogen gas as a propellant at working pressure 2MPa(290psi)

4 single flame heads, 30L fluid tank which has 4 outlets, 4 x 10m dmx cable, 4 x 15m fluid hoses, 1 x 15m gas hose and road case are included to  the package.

Ignition method can be selected as follows :

1. Gas pilot flame ignition with rod sensor

2. Electric ignition  without UV sensor

3. Electric ignition with UV sensor 

Model : HS-180

Voltage : 110-240VAC

Power : 164W/head

No. of flame jet  per head : 1

Ignition : Pilot flame or electric ignition

Pilot fuel : Butane canister(about 230gr)

Main Fuel :Our SFX Fluid or Isopar(G, H, L) or IPA

Pressure media : Nitrogen gas

Fuel Consumption : 1L in 5 seconds

Flame height : 8-10m

Working Pressure : 20 bar

Control : DMX 512

Fuel tank capacity : 30L(standard), 50L at option.

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