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Prism Flame System can fire your desired single
colored flame among four colored flames on demand. Using our Colorfirefly SFX fluid for main flame and compressed air, Nitrogen Gas, LPG, or Propane as propellant at the operator's option, the system gives
you the ability to shoot a colored flame on demand
approximately 3m(10ft) depending on the propellant media.

4 x 900ml(red, green, blue & gold) are housed inside.

Model : CF-1200

Voltage : 100-240VAC

Power : 150W

Fuel : Colored SFX Fluid(our brand)

Pressure media : LP Gas or Air pressure

Flame Height : 1.5-3m depending on pressure media

Ignition : Pilot Flame(butane gas cartridge 220-240gr)

Working Pressure : 5 - 8 bar

Fuel consumption : 60 sec./900ml bottle

Control : DMX 512

Dimension :50cm(H) x 35cm(Bottom) x 15cm(Top)

Weight : 11kg

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