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Mini Hurricane

Mini Hurricane can fire your desired single colored flame or natural flame on demand. Using our Colorfirefly SFX fluid for main flame or Isopar G or H for natural flame and compressed air as propellant, the system gives you the ability to shoot a flame approximately 5-6m(16-20ft) on average at working pressure 8 bar(116psi).

For safety, this system has safeguard system which is composed of flame sensing rod and its flame sensing board. Without the solid pilot flame, the solenoid valves do not open and accordingly, it cannot shoot the flame.

The pilot flame striking process repeats till the pilot flame becomes solid and even during the show, when the pilot flame is gone unexpectedly, the pilot re-strike resumes automatically and immediately within 0.3 seconds. During this re-strike process, the valves keep closed so that no danger to shoot the flame accidentally. 

This system is controlled with standard DMX 512 controller or our Handy DMX controller.

Model : 

Voltage : 110-240VAC 36W

No. of flame jet : 1

Ignition : Pilot Flame

Main Fuel : Isopar(G, H, L) or IPA

Pressure media :  Air compressor

Fuel Consumption : 1L in 7 seconds

Fuel Charge : max. 2L(Tank. Capicity : 3L)

Flame height : 5 - 6m

Working Pressure : 8 bar

Control : DMX 512

Weight : 11KG

Dimension : 45cm(L) x 21cm(W) x 41cm(H)

Accessories : 10m DMX cable, Funnel

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