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WP Flame Head

WP Flame Head is waterproof flame head which can be installed with fountains on the water or outdoors permanently.  WP Flame Head is very small and compact.  It can shoot the flame upto 8-10m high.


The electric spark lights the main flame and the electric spark is monitored with UV sensor and its control.  Without electric spark, the fluid cannot come out.

The pressure to shoot the flame is supplied from the Fluid pressure tank or Power Pump System. The pressure tank of our 4 flame head system can be used as it is.

WP Flame Head is controlled with AC signal controller manually.

Using with DMX module which changes DMX signal to AC power signal, WP Flame Head can be controlled by DMX 512 controller. 

Model : 

Voltage : 110-240VAC

No. of flame jet : 1

Ignition : Electric Spark ignition with UV sensor

Main Fuel : Isopar(G, H, L) or IPA(do not use colored flame fluid)

Pressure media : Nitrogen gas or Pressure Pump

Fuel Consumption : 1L in 3 seconds

Flame height : 8-10m

Working Pressure : 20 bar

Control : AC signal controller(can be controlled by DMX 512 through DMX Module)

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