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Hurricane Multi

Hurricane Multi can fire your desired single colored flame among four colored flames on demand. Using our ColorfireflySFX fluid as fuel and Nitrogen Gas as propellant, the system gives you the ability to shoot a colored flame on demand approximately 8-10 meter(26-33ft) on average at working pressure 2.0MPa(290psi). Up to four colors can be charged into each tank giving you access to any color on demand.
Each flame jet corresponds to each single tank. 4 flame jets and 4 fluid tanks are installed.

It has 4 fluid tanks and each tank can be charged with max. 9 liter fuel.  Onboard automatic re-strike flame safeguard and electrical ignition system helps insure a safe, reliable and efficient colored flame effect.

This system can be programmed and controlled by DMX 512 controller.

Only gas pilot ignition is available. No electric ignition is available.

Model : FSM-11

Voltage : 110-240VAC

Power : 164W

No. of flame jet : 4

Ignition : Pilot flame

Pilot fuel : Butane canister(about 230gr)

Main Fuel : Color flame SFX Fluid, Isopar(G, H, L) or IPA

Pressure media : Nitogen gas

Fuel Consumption : 1L in 5 seconds

Flame height : 8-10m

Working Pressure : 20 bar

Control : DMX 512

Accessories : 10m DMX cable, 15m Gas hose, fuel &  road case

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