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Colorfirefly SFX Fluid


SFX Fluid is name of colored flame fluid, which burns in color or red, green, blue, gold, purple and orange.SFX Fluid is alcohol based fluid so that it is very much flammable. It is miscible with water and burns clean with almost no smoke.


SFX Fluid is highly flammable liquid and classified as dangerous goods for transportation by air or sea. For the air-shipment, SFX Fluid should be packed, labelled and inspected according to IATA rules and regulation.The maximum package size via air-shipment is 20L jerrican.

For the sea-shipment, SFX Fluid should be packed in the jerricans or drums, which are certified by the authority. 


Also, the mixed shipment with other shippers to the same container of 20 foot or 40 foot is not allowed.

Our colored flame is not visible during daylight becasue it has almost no glow while burning. So, during daylight, colored flame effect is not possible.


The available colors of SFX fluid are Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Purple and Orange. 

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