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Wireless DMX & Power Cableless Gas Flame System.

Fire Bird Flame System is designed for indoor use as well as for using at the wedding ceremony mainly. This system can shoot approx. 80 shots with 3 x 200ml butane canisters at flame height 1.5 -3m.

This system characterizes as follows :


Wireless DMX Control ( You can choose wireless dmx control or wired dmx control)

- .No Power cable needed.

   (Battery is inside-installed so that you do not need any power cable)

- No Gas cylinder or tank needed. 3 x 200ml butane cartridges can be housed inside

   the flame head. (Total 80 shots of 3m fireball or flame pillar can be made with these

   3 x 200ml butane cartridge)

- No DMX Cable and No Power cable needed.

Size and weight :  28cm(W) x 26cm(L) x 28cm(H) 10KG

- Flame Height : 1.5 – 3m

- Flame Shot : 80 shots

This system is controlled with standard DMX 512 controller or our handy DMX controller.

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